Why does your adoption process take so long?

A: We want to make sure that we are fitting your family with the perfect dog! We also are all-volunteer (no one pulls down a salary with SOHO!) and many of us have our own families, foster dogs, and jobs to care for. Please be patient with us! 

I didn't get the dog I applied for. Why not?

A: We try very hard to fit the dogs with homes appropriate to their energy level, needs, likes and dislikes. If you got turned down for a dog that you wanted, don't worry! Please let us know you would be interested in having us fit you with a dog.

Why do you do home visits?

A: We want to be sure that the dog is going to a home that is fit for their needs! A dog that likes to bark, for example, isn't going to be a good fit for an apartment complex - unless your neighbors really love you. We also want to make sure that the home is safe and aligns with how you have described it in your application.

If I'm not sure about adopting this dog after two weeks, can I extend the adoption trial?

A: Yes! Just let us know you need a couple of more weeks to decide. We can extend the trial to 4 weeks maximum.

Frequently Asked Questions: