Owner Surrender Program

We understand that sometimes, life happens and you can no longer care for your dog. When that happens, we can try to help. We do sometimes accept owner surrenders into our foster program, based on evaluations and a good fit with our foster homes. 

Your dog should have:

  • a filled out owner surrender form from the link below
  • a heartworm test done
  • an evaluation by one of our qualified volunteers, or an evaluation by another group

We understand this is a heartbreaking process, and will do all we can to ease the transition if we are able to take your dog into our program.

To get started, please click the link below to view our owner surrender form.

Need something else?

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Training Program

At SOHO, we recognize the needs of herding dogs! After all - many of us have a herding dog background, and understand that conventional training may not address some of the issues that dogs can have.

As part of our Community Outreach program, we are committed to helping dogs stay in their homes! That means hooking you, the owner, up with our qualified trainers. We do offer some training and advice for herding dog owners, and can possibly help with the issues below:

  • Reactivity (barking or growling at other people and dogs)
  • Nipping and frustrated herding behavior
  • Safe child introductions
  • Safe animal introductions
  • Shyness and fear issues

The sooner we can help your dog, the better. Please contact us today!